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About PeaceMed

What is PeaceMed Services and Supplies (PS&S) and What Makes it Unique?


PeaceMed is a new innovative company that invest time, money and effort to provide cost-efficient, quality medical and pharmaceutical products to its customers. It is committed to being a valuable addition to the growing healthcare industry in Ghana by:

  • Advertising quality supplies online for easy consumer consumption

  • Delivering the supplies with no additional charge to the companies that need them

PeaceMed intertwines the cutting-edge experience of ordering medical supplies online with the eager need that Ghana has to keep products affordable. With products that include but are not limited to:

  • Sharp Containers

  • Nitrile, Latex and High Max Latex Examination Gloves

  • Alcohol Prep Pads

  • Face Shields

  • Face Masks

it strives to alleviate the sanitation issue that has encompassed the nation. Also, with a Ghanaian Pharmacist as its founder, customers can be certain the products they receive are dependable.

Additionally, PeaceMed goes above and beyond to uniquely deliver these products free of charge, bringing relief to the community at large. Though it currently delivers to the Greater Accra Region, the mission is to reach remote healthcare facilities all across Ghana in the nearest future.



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Medical Products, Clinical tools and healthcare services.

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